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Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone (Iridium 9575)

Iridium Extreme builds on the same reliable voice and data capability that users have come to trust from the only real mobile, real global satellite communications company in the world. No other mobile communications company brings you:

  • Two-way global coverage across oceans, airways and polar regions

  • Polar Regions Real mobility that keeps you connected while on the move

  • Reliable, near real-time communications services customizable for virtually every industry

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SHOUT Nano Satellite Handheld Tracker

The SHOUT nano is a handheld, global, two-way satellite messaging and personal tracking device. It utilizes Iridium’s short burst data (SBD) service to provide location information determined by a GPS receiver, two-way inbound and outbound status, text messaging, and emergency/alert plain or a 256-bit AES encrypted notifications.

This product is certified to work with Iridium Satellite Network

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Hybrid Satellite/GSM vehicle tracker

The hybrid sat/gsm tracker is a pocket-size, low-cost Iridium/GSM tracker. It can be programmed to automatically switch between the Iridium and cellular networks based on a predefined set of conditions. It can send either a standard or a 256-bit AES encrypted GPS report at a pre-programmed interval ranging from continuous to once every seven days. The interval can be changed remotely while the unit is in the field.

This product is certified to work with Iridium Satellite Network

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