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Hybrid Solutions

We understand that no one technology fits every application. GPLogger.com combines GPS, wireless mesh networking, RFID, sensors, and other wireless technologies, all into a single asset management platform. Some companies prefer to track higher value assets using GPS technology and utilize wireless mesh networking or RFID for managing large volumes of inventory assets at their fixed facilities. Other companies have a need for GPS tracking today, but may consider a wireless mesh networking or RFID technology in the future. In either case, it makes good sense to use the one web-based tracking platform that lets you do both.

GPLogger Online Tracking System is the most reliable, scalable and comprehensive fleet management solution in the market. Improve operations, asset utilization and driver safety with web based tracking solution that scales to fleets of all sizes. Reduce labor and fuel costs by minimizing idle time and total mileage while getting the same quantity of work done.
Give your business the right tools to be successful with GPS across the enterprise, with flexible tracking features and GPS hardware options.
Find the perfect match for your unique business needs with GPLogger Online Tracking System.

Key Features:

  • Monitoring

  • Online GPS Tracking

  • Road, Satelite Hybrid and Custom maps

  • Vehicle History Trails

  • Reports

  • Geofence Alerts

  • Alerts via SMS messages

  • Role Based Hierarehy

  • Subscription Based Tracking Services

  • Service Implimentation on Client Side

  • User Interface Customization

Monitoring - Displays all the assets in a single map.

Online GPS Tracking - locating and monitoring vehicle or an entire fleet in real time.

Road, Satelite Hybrid maps and Custom maps - displays Google road maps, Google Earth satellite images and a mixture of normal and satellite views. Also available integration of custom designed maps provided by custommer.

Vehicle History Trails - displays and replays the vehicle trail at desired date.

Reports - all the reports generated in easy-to read format that can be printed. Default report allows you to see the date, time, address, speed and speeding event, geofence event, ignition on/off event. Fuel low level event, open/close door event and more other events are available according to your industry needs.

Geofence - define a virtual boundary

Alerts via SMS messages - be alerted by SMS when the vehicle over the posted speed limit or leave the prefined virtual boundary ( geofence event ).

Role Based Hierarchy - security levels and assignments are user-configurable with an unlimited number of sub users. Security levels include : account holder, administrator, tracking reviewer, report reviewer and report manager.

Subscription Based Tracking Services - customers are charged on monthly basis for usage of our tracking system.

Service Implimentation on Client Side - client will own Tracking Service System that installed on his site, with support and licensing by GPLogger.

User Interface Customization - customization of Tracking System's user interface to meet customers needs.

If you interested in getting more information about Hybrid Solutions , please fill the form below, and we will respond you within one business day.

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